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John Mazza Menhart

John Mazza Menhart and Leisurely Sports


John Mazza MenhartJohn Mazza Menhart has proven his athletic aptitude in such heavily team-oriented sports as football and lacrosse, where group cohesion is of vital importance to the success of the team. But he also enjoys the more solitary, reflective sports that, while requiring exacting physical precision and full focus at key moments, also allow the mind to wander.




John Mazza Menhart particularly enjoys fly-fishing. Fly-fishing is a sport that requires a great deal of concentration and an exacting meticulousness: because of the nature of the line, the cast must be perfectly executed in a way that differs dramatically from the cast a fisherman would perform in other types of fishing. An activity that has been called the “contemplative man’s sport,” fly-fishing is a relaxing passtime that still requires fastidiousness and a great deal of skill to effectively manage.


John Maza Menhart has enjoyed fly-fishing ever since his father taught him how when he was a little boy. He still employs the casting technique and fishing tips that his father imparted years ago.


John Mazza Menhart also enjoys golfing. He is thrilled to live in Myrtle Beach, where he has his choice of pristine golf courses to use during the weekends. He loves nothing more than judging the terrain and choosing the perfect club for a particular shot.


John Mazza Menhart is generally just the outdoorsy type. For instance, when he was a freshman at West Virginia University, he chose to participate in a weeklong team-building excursion called “Adventure West Virginia.” Prior to the beginning of classes, students spent a week doing outdoor activities, such as white water rafting, rock climbing, and hiking. He loves to enjoy nature and get some exercise in the meanwhile.


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